Kid’s Headband Sewing Project (for adults too)

Fabric: Knit

Tools: Scissors (preferably pinking shears), pins, measuring tape (can use string then measure with a ruler), tailor’s chalk (can use a pen or colored pencil), iron/iron board, sewing machine

You can use any scrap of knit fabric that you have just make sure it fits around your head and has a width of 5 1/4″.  For this project I am using 21″ x 5 1/4″. 

To get the right size, use a measuring tape and wrap it around your head like a headband.  Make sure to start at the beginning of the measuring tape then wrap around until both ends touch to get the proper length.


Photos in order of directions from right to left.

  1. Mark your fabric with the appropriate length and width then cut out.
  2. Press your fabric if needed
  3. Fold fabric in half width wise with nice sides facing each other then pin.
  4. Sew with a 5/8″ seam allowance and make sure to back tack at the beginning and end.
  5. Pull right side out and press.
  6. Tuck one end of the headband into the opposite end.
  7. Fold in the raw edge of the opening and pin.
  8. Sew both sides together close to the edge of the opening from front to back.  Don’t forget to back tack at each end.

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