Wardrobe Architect Week 12: Accessories

This week’s exercise is about adding accessories.  I’ve slowly began to add accessories to my everyday outfits but I still struggle with my work outfits.  I don’t like to spend too much time on my work outfits because I’m focusing on other things in my morning. I just like to get something ready the night before and not think about anything but that when I’m getting ready.  I mainly just adjust for the weather and that’s about it. In an effort to be better here is a list of my functional and decorative accessories:

Make a list of requirements for your accessories. List what you consider to be functional accessories and decorative accessories, and what your requirements are for each.

Functional Accessories:

Comfortable yet fashionable shoes – I walk a lot during the day and I don’t like to change into sneakers at work.  I usually wear boots or loafers.

Sneakers for the weeknights and weekend

Sandals for the warmer months

Large tote for work – for my notebooks, papers, lunch and water bottle, also to store stuff when I run errands on my lunch

Extra grocery totes – for when I go grocery shopping on my lunch break

Hair tie – always need a hair tie

Cap – when it gets seriously hot in LA and I’m running errands on my lunch

Wide-brim hat for walks outside of work

Mini cross body purse for my phone, wallet and keys when I’m walking or going for a run

Small Cross Body Purse for everyday

Scarf for my shoulders when it’s a mild day but I still don’t want to get burned

Chunky scarves for LA winters

Performance Headband to cover my ears on windy days


Decorative Accessories:

Simple minimalist jewelry – includes necklaces and bracelets

Diamond earrings – wedding gift from my husband

Hats – usually wide brim to match

Skinny belts

Skinny rings

Chunky watch

Decide how many of each to include for the coming season. How many of each do you need for your current capsule wardrobe?

I need/want pretty much all of them except for the chunky scarves and the performance headband.

Add accessories to your capsule wardrobe. Be sure to look towards what you already own before window shopping!


Wardrobe Architect Week 11

In Week 11 of Wardrobe Architect, I am planning my wardrobe pieces.  The image below is what I am basing my Spring/Summer 2017 wardrobe on.  I already have the white button down shirt, sweat pants, wide brim hat, torn jeans, plaid shirt, flip flops, trouser shorts, loafers, Adidas sneakers, oxfords and black tights.  I have a few pairs of black work pants as well but I’m a little over the silhouette and want to make some improvements.  I’m also really crushing on those frost gray Vans Sk8-Hi shoes.  I haven’t worn vans in ages… I guess I’m feeling a little nostalgic!

After a bit of brainstorming and searching the web here is a list of items that I want to either buy or make for Spring/Summer wardrobe:

Work Life:

  • Deer and Doe Safran Pants


  • Deer and Doe Melilot Shirt


  • Long Vest Coat
  • Boxy mini dress
  • Boxy blouse

Everyday Life:

  • Silky Gray or Taupe Camisole
  • Short Vest
  • Deer and Doe Plantain T-Shirt


  • T-Shirt Dress
  • Button Down Dress Shirt Dress

Vacation Life:

  • Off shoulder mini dress
  • Colette Weston Trouser


  • Deer and Doe Fumeterre Skirt


This is definitely a few more pieces than in my inspiration board above but I feel like these all have great potential to mix and match.  I have divided up my wardrobe into three categories because I feel that these are the settings these pieces will be worn most but I will of course mix in some work clothes with everyday clothes and vice versa to expand my outfit selection.  Looking at this list it does seem a bit ambitious but hey why not go all in!

Wardrobe Architect – Week 9 & 10

Week 9: The Capsule Wardrobe – Spring/Summer 2017

Colette Blog: What is a Capsule Wardrobe?  A capsule wardrobe is a small, manageable subset of your wardrobe, and it usually is something you can plan seasonally.

Today’s focus – Choosing silhouettes

Going clockwise: Outfits 1 & 2 are my Everyday Lounge Wear, Outfits 3 & 4 are Hot Summer Days and the last two are Work Wear


These are the silhouettes I aspire to wear this Spring and Summer.  I would love to be able to sew up most of them if I only had the time but I’m going to try my best either way.  Some of these pieces I already have and some I just received for my birthday (I may have hinted a bit…).  I will most likely add some more flowing pieces but for now this is a good base to work with.

Week 10: The Capsule Wardrobe Palette

This week’s exercise: Choose your capsule palette for the season. Use the list of favorite colors you came up with in week 6, picking a few colors from each category.

Spring Summer Colors


This Spring/Summer I want to go for lighter colors.  I will probably wear plenty of black as that is my usual work color but I am going to make an effort to make/buy this season’s clothing in the colors I picked above so that I don’t just stick with blues, grays, white and black which is what I am always drawn to.


Fitness and Food Update – BBG Week 9

It’s been a whole 4 weeks since my last BBG post and I’m happy to say I haven’t missed a day.  I’m not sure if I look that much stronger but I do feel stronger.  Week 8 was great because I was able to get through my exercises with more ease but now that I am in Week 9 I’m back to being beaten down at the end of my workouts.  I definitely have not lost the will to keep going though so at least I have that.

Since my last fitness post I have been really working on eating as clean as possible.  I do have a cheat meal or two over the weekends and sometimes I like to indulge in a little bit of ice cream which is kind of funny because I’m not really that into ice cream.  I guess you can say it’s my craving of the moment.

I also downloaded the MyFitnessPal app so I can watch my nutrients.  It has been super helpful and motivating to get me to eat the right amount of healthy food to reach my fitness goals but also is an eye opener on how indulgences can really throw your health off if you have too many.

Here are just a few of the food changes that I have made:

I am making a huge effort to wake up early enough to make breakfast.  My go to meals are either whole grain toast topped with sautéed spinach and a sunny side up egg OR dairy-free overnight oats with chia seeds and some fruit.  I like to have a glass of water with a splash of lemonade with this as well.

I’m thinking about experimenting with some morning smoothies as well in order to get more calories in early.  We shall see!

Otherwise, I have removed all yogurt from my lunches and make a sweet potato and coconut milk pudding that I used to make in the past and loved.  I have also removed all red meat from my diet and will save that for big events.


My next step is to cut out sandwiches for lunch and eat a lean meat and vegetables instead.

I have been doing a pretty good job of eating more vegetables than starches or meat during dinner and I intend to keep that up.


Still a work in progress but I am getting there!