Introducing the Be Bashful Bikini #3001 from the At First Blush Pattern Co.!

At First Blush Be Bashful Bikini DIY Underwear

I’m very excited to share this with you all!

I’ve been sewing on and off for quite sometime.  A little over 10 years now to be exact.  I always felt I was a bit held back with it especially when studying for higher education. I didn’t have as much time or spare funds to pursue it more regularly as I was a student then an independent adult trying to figure it all out. I always knew I wanted sewing and pattern design to play a large role in my life I just had to go out there and make it happen. It’s taken me longer than I’d like to admit to get myself to a point where I feel comfortable releasing my own design to share with the world but as they say there is no time like the present. Now I could keep waiting and waiting and waiting for the right time but I’ve decided to make this the right time. As another big thank you for all who have taken time to read my blog or to comment on my posts here or on Instagram I truly am grateful as your time is valuable and taking a few minutes to communicate with me really means so much to me. So thank you for all those who have supported my teeny little sewing corner on the net.  Whether you read this blog or not I still am grateful for you and all the people that make this such a wonderful community.  🙂

Now I will not take too much more of your time so without further ado I want to announce the official release of the Be Bashful Bikini pattern!

Be Bashful Bikini At First Blush Patterns

What is Be Bashful?  A pair of beautiful panties that feature a bikini cut, low-rise waistline with semi bottom coverage.  They are sexy with just the right amount of modesty to wear as a comfortable everyday pair of underwear.  Plus, they are FREE to download with code: FREEUNDIES

Who is Be Bashful for?  For anyone who wants a pair of undies that have support and ease but still make you feel like you have a sexy secret. 😉

Why do you want it?  You want Be Bashful because it’s okay for your lingerie to be a little timid and not show itself off but when they are ready you don’t mind if someone takes a little peek! 😉

Where is it and How do you get it?  It’s right here, on the blog sidebar.  Just click on the Be Bashful image below my gravatar profile.  You will be linked to my Facebook Shop where you can fulfill your “purchase”.  I also have a “Pattern Shop” link on the menu bar of this blog with will take you to the same location.  Feel free to subscribe to get updates on the latest pattern releases!  Your privacy is important to me and I will not share your information with anyone.  Click the image below if you cannot wait any longer to download your Be Bashful panties!  Don’t forget to use your discount code: FREEUNDIES at checkout.

Be Bashful Bikini At First Blush Patterns

Thank you for joining the At First Blush Patterns Community!


UPDATE:  Need extra help?

Photo Tutorial here: At First Blush Patterns – Be Bashful Bikini Tutorial

Video Tutorial here: YouTube Video Alert: DIY Underwear Tutorial & Free Pattern | Be Bashful Bikini


8 thoughts on “Introducing the Be Bashful Bikini #3001 from the At First Blush Pattern Co.!

  1. How wonderful Kelly!! So, so pleased for you and congratulations on your first pattern. If I can get hold of some suitable undie elastic(never bought any, so not a clue) then I might have a go myself. I’m always searching for the perfect knicker.
    I wish you much luck with your new venture xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I very much appreciate that Diane! 💕 Your support means so much! You are so kind! 😊 I hope you do try out sewing underwear one of these days! It’s a fun challenge but not too bad with the right materials so it’s definitely smart to wait until you find suitable elastic! 😊


  2. These look really cute and ~I am looking forward to seeing what else you come up iwith in the future. But if you only sell on Facebook I won’t be able to buy any – or get this – as I closed my account there, along with many of my friends….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to write me. I definitely understand about Facebook. Since this is a new venture and this product is free my intention is to gauge interest before I invest in a more traditional POS system. I’ve been getting a great response and just by your comment alone it tells me that it will be a good idea for me to do so. My plan is to go in that direction and as “for sale” products enter my product mix I most likely will do so for everyone to have access if they are interested. 🙂 Stay tuned!


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