Fashion Sewing | Dreamy Valentine’s Day Night Gown – Sewalicious Fabric & Just Patterns Bias Top Hack

Just Patterns Bias Top

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while some of you are thinking about the big date night or maybe dreaming about chocolates or flowers, we are thinking about sewing over here!

Sewing up pretty things that is – like a sexy camisole or a sexy nightie or maybe even a nightgown.

Well for today’s guest post on the Sewalicious blog, I will be hacking the Just Patterns Bias Top aka a camisole pattern into a delicate and romantic nightie/nightgown using Burgundy Peachskin fabric from Sewalicious– rich color, soft texture and beautiful drape! Absolutely perfect for this project.

Just Patterns Bias Top Hack

Sewalicious Just Patterns Bias Top Hack

This pattern calls for a lining but I opted out and cut the pattern without it leaving one front piece and one back piece.  I then decided how much length I wanted to add to the camisole to make it into a nightie while adding a little extra just in case things go wrong.  (As we all know in sewing we can’t always be certain when hacking!). I decided on adding 14 1/2 inches to the hem of the camisole.  This would give me option of have a short sexy nightie or a longer romantic gown.  Moving forward, I took out my trusty medical paper and taped my pattern down then measured out 14 1/2 inches down for the new hemline.  I used my curved pattern ruler to give some subtle shape to the skirt. 

Once cut out, I overlocked the edges then sewed up the side seams with a straight stitch.  I wanted a slit on both sides of the gown so I left 6 inches of the side seam open at the bottom.  I pressed the seams open making sure to press the slits open as if I had sewn them.

Sewalicious Just Patterns Bias Top Hack

I measured around the circumference of the top of the night gown to determine how much lace I would need then repeated this for the bottom including the slit areas. 

Using a wide zigzag stitch I carefully attached the lace to the outside edges of the night gown being mindful of covering the overlocked edges.  I repeated this for the hem and slits as well. 

I tried my night gown on at this point to determine how long I would need to make the straps and what position I would like them to be in the back.  (I advise having someone help you with this if possible).  Once determined, I cut out my straps, lined them up where they needed to go and zigzag stitched them in place.

Sewalicious Just Patterns Bias Top Hack

Easy as that! 🙂 I think I’m ready for Valentine’s Day now… are you?


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Just Patterns Bias Top Hack

Happy Sewing! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fashion Sewing | Dreamy Valentine’s Day Night Gown – Sewalicious Fabric & Just Patterns Bias Top Hack

    1. Thank you Helen! This fabric was perfect for this – super soft to the touch and the color is so vibrant. My first time working with peachskin but I’m glad I took a chance on it. It is definitely very comfortable and the silhouette of the Just Patterns cami is modest yet subtly sexy. 🙂

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