Purge: Closet Edition – Wardrobe Architect Week 14.1

The final exercise of Wardrobe Architect is “Overcoming Editing Hurtles” aka Clean Out That Closet!

Purging my closet… such a difficult task.  I’ve actually done this a few times because of space limitations.  Currently, I am working on doing it again and it’s harder this time because I have already rid myself of so much.  The fun thing about cleaning out your closet is that you always stumble upon a little treasure that you realize you could have been wearing this whole time!  This has happened to me numerous times which is like a getting a random gift from your sub-conscious who secretly tucked that garment away in the recesses of your psyche or the back of your drawer…  Whatever you want to call it 😉

I try to keep my closet organized pretty well – I keep everything divided by type of clothing.  Dresses, shirts that need to be hung up, coats, formal clothing and scarves.  It’s not filled to the brim as it used to be.  I even had those hanger extensions so I could fit more clothes in one spot but those are now gone.  I have my nicer shoes in boxes in the shelf above and next to it is a stack of hoodies (I could probably get rid of more of these) and next to that is a pile of handbags that I could also probably edit.  Above that is my wedding dress box and on top of that box is a space bag with some clothing that I can’t seem to part with even though I never wear them.  I can’t wear them anyway because they are sentimental pieces from my youth.  The rest of the shelving in my closet is dedicated to books, papers and trinkets.  Writing this out makes me realize how much is actually unnecessary but like I said purging is such a difficult task.

Let’s not even talk about what’s under our bed.  I’m not even sure anymore. Shoe boxes and an electric guitar and dusty bunnies at the very very least… sometimes I find our cat down there too.  He seems to like it the way it is.

Alas… down to the nitty gritty.  Below are my hopes and dreams of what I plan on fulfilling purge-wise – closet edition.  Not sure how I will come out on the other side but I will be sure to write about here.  Check out my not so complicated but emotionally complicated goals below:

My biggest editing area needs are the following:

Jeans/Pants cubby – Goal: Get rid of pants I haven’t worn in over a year

Underwear/Sock Drawer – Goal: Get rid of underwear/socks I no longer wear

Shoes – Goal: – Get rid of shoes I haven’t worn in over two years unless it has some sort of sentimental value… don’t judge me. 🙂

Handbags – Goal: This is a HARD one – really be honest with myself about what is necessary and what is not.  I can keep some fun ones for old time sake or repurpose them.


Fingers crossed I complete this – more to come when I do!

P.S.  I really don’t like the Purge movies but the word just made sense for this activity. 😉

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