Wardrobe Architect – Week 2

Wardrobe Architect – Week 2

Defining a Core Style

Goal: Uncover the styles that make you feel like yourself and attach words and images to them.

When you are wearing your favorite clothing, how do you feel?

Answer: I feel confident, poised and beautiful

When you’re wearing something that is not quite right, how do you feel?  What are the feelings you want to avoid about the clothes you wear?

Answer: I feel like I am not myself.  I want to avoid clothing that doesn’t empower me to reach my goals.

Who do you consider to be your style icon(s)?  What is it about them that appeals to you?

Answer:  My mom when she was younger would be my style icon.  She always had really nice elegant pieces and great shoes.  I used to love looking through her closet and stealing her shoes as a kid.  Even today, the pieces that she has passed down to me from her youth are my favorite pieces of clothing.

What are some words that describe styles that you like in theory, but are not quite you?

I like intricate craftsmanship like beading and lace but it’s much too fancy for my look.

Look over your answers from last week on history, philosophy, culture, community, activities, location, and body.  List at least 15 words that you associate with your answers.  Think about descriptive words, moods, and feelings you associate with these things:

Quality, Modern, Neutral, Edge, Juxtaposition, Polished, Classy, Feminine, Clean, Elegant, Craftsmanship, Patience, Invest, Confident, Minimalism.

Look over the answers to all the questions above.  If you had to narrow your list to only 3-4 words to describe you, which words would you choose?

Modern, Elegant, Clean, Confident and Classy

Visual Exercise: Collect 15-20 images that represent these 3-5 words for you.  You could create a pinterest board, a folder on your computer, a mood board, or a collage.  Be creative and have fun!

Answer: Pinterest board below:


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