Dune Top Pattern Hack by Valentine & Stitch

Fashion Sewing | Dune Top Sewing Pattern

***Valentine & Stitch patterns are sadly no longer available in the marketplace***

I think at this point you may have a suspicion that I love patterns from Valentine and Stitch… or maybe I wasn’t obvious enough!  I didn’t venture too much into knits until I started sewing up their patterns.  It’s really been great and has given me a lot of confidence in sewing stretchy fabric.  My most recent make was the Dune maxi which you can read about here.  My next course of action was the Dune top which was my intention from the beginning.  I even bought fabric for it way ahead of time!  I was planning on sewing it one weekend and realized that I didn’t have it printed out which lead me to stumble upon my Deer and Doe Plantain pattern which you can read about here.  I’m currently putting together what I think would be a versatile casual work wardrobe for the office.  I have two shirts down – Deer and Doe Plantain and I just completed two more of the Dune top.

Tank Top Sewing Pattern

Fashion Sewing | Top Pattern Review

Now, I did this one a little differently.  I created one Dune based on the pattern (you will notice that this fabric matches one of my Plantain shirts) and one I hacked!  Why would I hack a perfectly good pattern you might ask?  Well it really had nothing to do with the pattern but more so with my fabric options.  I wanted to sew up my second Dune in a lightweight gray jersey but I was short a few inches on my fabric.  Then I took out some extra black jersey knit fabric which I had plenty of but once I saw it laid out I thought to myself I need a little oomph! So I looked through the rest of my stash and realized I had some matching fabric in pink, purple and blue.  What could I do?!  Color blocking naturally 😉

The pink and black color block Dune was born!

The Low Down:Tank Top Sewing Pattern

Dune is a summery top or maxi dress from the lovely Helen and Rich of Valentine and Stitch.  Dune is a printable PDF pattern with the option of sewing the top or the dress with a round neck or a scoop neck. This garment is meant to be flowy and flattering as it drapes away from your body but still hugs you in all the right places.  You can sew your top or dress in a stretch jersey or light cotton jersey.  This is a very versatile pattern that can be enjoyed while hanging out at the beach our dressed up for a party or even dressed professionally for a day in the office.

VS logo


Stretch jersey such as viscose or rayon jersey, bamboo jersey, and silk jersey OR light cotton jersey with a good drape or for a more stable fabric use a heavier weight cotton jersey, crepe jersey or a scuba

(*If you are using a fabric with less stretch, you may wish to lengthen the neck and arm bands slightly.)

  • Ballpoint needle
  • Twin needle (optional)
  • Coverstitch machine (optional)
  • All-purpose polyester sewing thread

Purchased from:

LA fash District

I purchased my fabric from the Los Angeles Fabric District.  I purchased my thread from Joann.com – Gutterman 10 and 307.

The Process:

Here is what I did-

Tank Top Sewing Pattern

I used my dress form and my first Dune to get an idea of how high I wanted the apex of what I will call the bottom portion of the top.  On the small sized pattern, I decided to measure down 7″ from the center back and 6 1/2″ from the back side seam then I connected the points.  For the center front I measured down 6 inches and 6 3/4″ from the front side seam then I connected those two points as well.

I cut the pattern on the new line and attached the pieces to tracing paper where I added a 3/8” seam allowance like the pattern calls for.  I trued the sides and cut the new pieces out.

I pinned the top pieces to the pink fabric and the bottom pieces to the black fabric.  I was sure to start my color block below the sleeves so that I wouldn’t have to deal with a multi-colored armband although I’m sure I could have gotten away with one color.

Next, I cut all my pieces out and sewed the two front pieces together and the two back pieces together being very careful at the apex not to have a weird ripple.  I then sewed everything as the directions explained.

Tank Top Sewing Pattern

Tank Top Sewing Pattern

Tank Top Sewing Pattern

This probably isn’t something I would usually do but I really like how it turned out.  I am especially happy with how the color block seam lays and how the apex hits right at the bridge of my bust.


My only complaint is that I think my fabric stretched a little too much around the neckline but I think pressing it was a good remedy.  This fabric is quite stretchy so some unwanted stretch is inevitable.

Tank Top Sewing Pattern

My other hiccup wasn’t on this hack but on my first Dune top and that was because the fabric wasn’t as stretchy so the side seams pointed out a bit more than I was used to. This also became a problem when sewing on the neck and arm bands.  The directions state to cut your bands longer if you have less stretch in your fabric which I forgot about. Ultimately it turned out fine because once I wore it the fabric softened up a bit and the sides and bands became more flattering.

Tank Top Sewing Pattern


Tank Top Sewing Pattern

One thing that I did was I trimmed the excess seam allowance from the neckband and the armband before I attached them to the bodice.  That way they would lie flatter and not get stuck under my presser foot which is a problem I tend to have.

Also if you do plan on doing the hack be sure measure where the seam line will hit your body best so it is most flattering.  Please use a ruler for precision!!

Otherwise have fun sewing up Dune!  You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Tank Top Sewing Pattern

Happy Sewing!

Plantain Shirt Pattern from Deer and Doe – Free Pattern

I’m currently on a kick to sew up practical pieces for my work wardrobe.  There is so much to sew and so little time so I kicked off my first work wear pattern with the Deer and Doe Plantain Shirt Pattern with a ¾ sleeve and no elbow patches.

Plantain Shirt Pattern from Deer and Doe

I recently was able to enjoy a three-day weekend at home and while I was planning on sewing up a different pattern I realized I didn’t print it out.  Luckily while I was looking through my pattern stash I found the Deer and Doe printout that I almost forgot about.  I continued on to my fabric stash and found I had some extra fabric from making my Valentine and Stitch Angelina dress.  Time to make a new shirt!

The Low Down:

Plantain Shirt

I haven’t even mentioned that this pattern is FREE!  You can download the PDF pattern by clicking on the photo above that will take you to the Deer and Doe pattern shop.

Deer and Doe

It comes in short, three quarter and long sleeve options.  The latter two having an optional elbow patch.  It is fitted at the shoulder and around the bust then flares at the waist.  It’s very flattering!


  • Recommended fabrics: Lightweight jersey knit (cotton, rayon, linen, wool) with 40-50% stretch
  • Optional: 10” clear elastic and twin needle

Purchased from:

LA fash District

I used leftover fabric from my V&S Angelina project that I bought in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Process:

Plantain Shirt Pattern from Deer and Doe

The Plantain T-Shirt is a quick sew.  If you have a couple hours to spare, you’ll be able to get this done and wear it right away.

The directions are straightforward.  I’m not used to European measurements so I measured myself and went with a size 38.  It fits perfectly.

I cut my fabric out using pinking shears although it isn’t necessary with a jersey knit since it won’t fray. Since I was using spare fabric I didn’t have enough matching thread so I went with a softer pink.  It is more visible especially if you mess up but not noticeable unless you are looking for it.

Plantain Shirt Pattern from Deer and Doe

Also, this pattern calls for a 5/8” seam allowance which is pretty substantial.  You end up trimming the allowance down per the directions.

There are a total of 4 steps.  Shoulders/neckband, sleeves, side seam, hem.  Finished.


Plantain Shirt Pattern from Deer and Doe



I’m hoping to wear this tucked in and un-tucked with work trousers or a mid-calf skirt and a fitted knit blazer with loafers.


I had to undo some stitching around the neckband that got a little wonky but no other issues otherwise.


Definitely measure yourself beforehand as this is a form fitting blouse.  You want to be comfortable around the underarms and bust when wearing it.

Plantain Shirt Pattern from Deer and Doe

Take it slow when pinning the neckband, sewing it on and finishing it.  I cut a small clip on the center front neckband to make attaching it to the neck easier.

Look!  I even made a second one just a few days later!

Plantain Shirt Pattern from Deer and Doe

Happy Sewing!

Dune Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern by Valentine & Stitch

Fashion Sewing | Dune Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern

***Valentine & Stitch patterns are sadly no longer available in the marketplace***

I have always steered clear of maxi dresses not because I don’t love them but because they are always too long.  Well that all changed when Helen and Rich made Dune into a maxi dress!  I think it was meant to be! 🙂

I’m short but still relatively average at 5’3”.  I love the number 3 so I’m ok with this. Lol 😉

I had planned to sew up this dress as soon as Helen posted a picture of her wearing it in a black and white floral pattern. At the time, I was planning a trip to the fabric district that very weekend so I asked Helen how much fabric I would need in preparation.  Helen is so kind and helpful that she messaged me back right away and I was able to get all my supplies even before the pattern release. 🙂 Thank you Helen!  Anyway, I mentioned to her my hesitation with long dresses (being that I’m short haha) and little did I know that Rich was already preparing a tutorial for lengthen or shortening Dune.  It couldn’t be any more perfect! 🙂 Thank you Rich!

Maxi Dress Pattern

Fashion Sewing | Maxi Dress Pattern Review

Dune is a summery top or maxi dress from the lovely Helen and Rich of Valentine and Stitch.  Dune is a printable PDF pattern with the option of sewing the top or the dress with a round neck or a scoop neck. This garment is meant to be flowy and flattering as it drapes away from your body but still hugs you in all the right places.  You can sew your top or dress in a stretch jersey or light cotton jersey.  This is a very versatile pattern that can be enjoyed while hanging out at the beach our dressed up for a party or even dressed professionally for a day in the office.

V and S


Stretch jersey such as viscose or rayon jersey, bamboo jersey, and silk jersey OR light cotton jersey with a good drape or for a more stable fabric use a heavier weight cotton jersey, crepe jersey or a scuba

(*If you are using a fabric with less stretch, you may wish to lengthen the neck and arm bands slightly.)

  • Ballpoint needle
  • Twin needle (optional)
  • Coverstitch machine (optional)
  • All-purpose polyester sewing thread

Purchased from:

LA fash District

I purchased my fabric from the Los Angeles Fabric District.  I purchased my thread from Joann.com – Gutterman 030.

The Process:

Maxi Dress Pattern

I had laid out the steps for sewing up Dune prior to my start.

Day 1 was cut out the PDF pattern and fabric.

Day 2 was complete step 1 and step 2.

Day 3 was step 3 and step 4.

Day 4 was complete the dress.

It didn’t really turn out that way.  First it took me awhile to cut everything out because I went out of town a couple times so Day 1 took longer than expected.  However, day 2 through 4 took me 2 hours in total.  I started sewing Dune one day after work and an hour went by and I was already halfway done.  I had dinner then I thought to myself I really want to keep sewing.  So off I went and in another hour I was all done!  That easy and just such a beautiful pattern.  I don’t usually get excited enough to finish a pattern in one day but with Valentine and Stitch patterns I do!  Plus, I feel like I understand how their patterns work so I rarely have a hiccup.  Dune was smooth sailing for me which was an awesome feeling!

Maxi Dress Pattern

I sewed my dress in a size small.  I thought that it would be too long for me but when I measured everything out the size small was just the right length.  I probably could make it even longer to be honest for a dressier look with wedge heels.

Maxi Dress Pattern

I sewed up the shoulder seams with no problem.  I opted for the hidden neckband and armbands.  This is a very nice detail and it strengthens the neck and arm openings so I highly recommend sewing it this way.  There is an option for an exposed neckband which I might have to try next. In between sewing up the neckband and armbands you sew up the side seam.  You also must press your garment several times to make sure everything is set in place before you sew.

Maxi Dress Pattern

Finally, you sew up your hem.  This is a rather long hem so it takes a while to prep it for hemming.  I eyeball my hems so it doesn’t take me too long.  That works for me but I do not recommend you do that unless you have a bit more practice.

Viola! The Dune maxi is complete with a month of summer to spare but being that I live in Los Angeles this dress will serve me well through the fall! 🙂


No hiccups! Can you believe it?!


Since you are working with knit fabric be careful not to stretch or let your excess fabric fall while cutting or sewing.  This will distort your final garment and you will likely not be happy with the result.

Maxi Dress Pattern

When you are sewing the final step of your hidden neckband and armbands go slow and stay close to the edge of the fabric for a uniform look.

Maxi Dress Pattern

Happy Sewing!

Aires Leggings by Colette Patterns

I finally finished Aires!  Let me tell you, July was not a very productive sewing month.  Sometimes life happens and the things you love get pushed to the side. Finally, I got some time and completed my project.  I now have a full workout outfit for the first time ever!

The Low Down:

Aires pic

The Aires PDF pattern from Colette is a pair of capri fitted athletic tights with a hidden pocket.  You can order the pattern by itself from Colette Patterns or subscribe to their monthly online publication Seamwork and use one of your two monthly credits to download the pattern. This pattern should take 3 hours if you make no mistakes unlike me. 🙂



  • All-purpose polyester sewing thread
  • Ballpoint needle
  • Ballpoint twin needle (optional)
  • 2 yards of ¼” knit elastic
  • Any mid to heavy weight athletic fabric with 4-way stretch (at least 25%) such as nylon, spandex, and rayon blends such as ponte knit and milliskin
  • Stretch mesh fabric for contrast panel (optional)

Purchased from:

LA fash District

I purchased my materials from the Los Angeles fabric district.  I’m using the same fabric that I used for the Ultimate Sports Bra from So Sew Easy.

The Process:

I think this is my first official pair of me made pants

Aires is a bit of a different pattern.  Most patterns you cut on the fold but since this is a knit most of the pattern pieces are cut as one whole piece.  With this in mind it is necessary to not only have enough fabric to distribute the full pattern pieces correctly but also you need to really pay attention to whether the pattern piece needs to be placed face up or down.

I decided to trace the pattern pieces so I could lay them out all at the same time.  This was especially important because I was using a printed fabric and needed to make sure all the pieces were in the right direction.

Despite my self-imposed setbacks this was a fairly straight-forward project. I used a standard sewing machine and it worked out great.  I sewed my Aires in a size XS.

Thanks to cutting out the full pieces all the notches and circles matched up nicely.  I was a little nervous about the hidden back pocket but it was actually really quite logical and so much easier than I realized.

I used a medium zigzag stitch to sew the pieces together and for topstitching. I really liked how the topstitching turned out.  You can use a cover stitch or a twin needle but zigzag worked just as well for me.


There were more than I anticipated of my own doing of course.

Realizing that I needed duplicate pieces I ended up tracing the original patterns but I forgot to look at the cutting layout!  Well I actually did look at it but I made a mistake and cut two pieces in the same direction because I didn’t double check my work.

I found this out when I tried to sew my legs together only to find I had two left legs.  I actually realized earlier I had made a mistake but I was just like “close enough!” haha I paid for that later.

My machine also decided to pull its same old tricks and I ended up using the seam ripper quite a bit.


The directions and photos were really clear and concise.  I do believe this would take anyone 3 hours as long as they pay close attention to the directions and cutting layout.

Don’t forget to use the stretch guide when selecting your fabric!  You can find it on page 3 of your PDF instruction manual.

When cutting out your fabric I would suggest using a rotary cutter if you have one.

Happy Sewing!


Angelina Dress by Valentine & Stitch

***Valentine & Stitch patterns are sadly no longer available in the marketplace***

Move over summer shirt dresses Angelina here! I was so excited when Helen of Valentine and Stitch told me that she and Rich were going to be releasing a new pattern.  I already loved their Lotus top so I knew I would love this one too and of course it did not disappoint!

If you aren’t familiar with Valentine and Stitch they are a husband and wife pattern designing duo with two sweet children and a lovely home filled with not only lots of love but lots of funky wallpaper too!  If you follow Helen on IG she’ll let you know how she feels about that pesky paper! 😉 It’s actually kind of funny so you should take a look! But enough about the wallpaper, I’ve only know Helen for a short time through Instagram but I feel like we’ve been friends for a long time.  She’s warm, welcoming, inspiring and a true designer.  It’s a pleasure to be able to sew up her patterns and to share them with you!

Angelina can be sewn up in 6 versions – that’s a lot of options! 🙂 Including a flutter sleeve top, sleeveless top, flutter sleeve dress, sleeveless dress, long flutter sleeve dress, long flutter sleeve blouse. When I saw the flutter sleeve dress option I was drooling over the sleeves! (Speaking of sleeves – make sure to join in on #sleevefest2017 running through August 31, 2017 co-hosted by Helen and Diane from @dream.cut.sew) Considering that reaction you would think I would’ve sewn that one up… but… then I thought about it and went for the sleeveless dress instead.  I did so because I want a fun summer casual dress that I can wear with sneakers and over a bathing suit for running around in this Los Angeles heat.  I think I made the right choice. 🙂

Anyway, I headed to the fabric district one Saturday morning with one of my bestest of friends and had a fantastic time not only buying fabric for Angelina but a ton of other projects too (but that’s another post!).  I bought this mauve colored and slightly textured jersey knit after perusing the striped knit section and thinking to myself “Do I really want to line these up?”.  That was a big NO, so solids won that trip!

Now that I had my fabric it was time to sew up Angelina!  Let me just say that Angelina is such a satisfying sew! I was planning on doing one step every day and I started out like that until I got to the third day and realized that I could probably get it done in 30 minutes.  So I did just that with a little help from the sweetest sewing buddy there is! (Take a look at Howard trying to eat my pins when he thought I wasn’t looking!)

Each step was easy to follow, from laying out the pattern, to cutting it out and sewing it up.  It’s literally about 5 steps from sewing up the shoulder seams, to sewing on the neckband, then sewing in the armhole hem, sewing up the side seams then hemming your dress!  Viola!  Summer dress ready and I couldn’t be happier! 🙂

One more thing!  Follow my blog with Bloglovin  I decided to join after some great feedback from Anna of Anna-Jo Sews. 🙂

Purge: Closet Edition – Wardrobe Architect Week 14.1

The final exercise of Wardrobe Architect is “Overcoming Editing Hurtles” aka Clean Out That Closet!

Purging my closet… such a difficult task.  I’ve actually done this a few times because of space limitations.  Currently, I am working on doing it again and it’s harder this time because I have already rid myself of so much.  The fun thing about cleaning out your closet is that you always stumble upon a little treasure that you realize you could have been wearing this whole time!  This has happened to me numerous times which is like a getting a random gift from your sub-conscious who secretly tucked that garment away in the recesses of your psyche or the back of your drawer…  Whatever you want to call it 😉

I try to keep my closet organized pretty well – I keep everything divided by type of clothing.  Dresses, shirts that need to be hung up, coats, formal clothing and scarves.  It’s not filled to the brim as it used to be.  I even had those hanger extensions so I could fit more clothes in one spot but those are now gone.  I have my nicer shoes in boxes in the shelf above and next to it is a stack of hoodies (I could probably get rid of more of these) and next to that is a pile of handbags that I could also probably edit.  Above that is my wedding dress box and on top of that box is a space bag with some clothing that I can’t seem to part with even though I never wear them.  I can’t wear them anyway because they are sentimental pieces from my youth.  The rest of the shelving in my closet is dedicated to books, papers and trinkets.  Writing this out makes me realize how much is actually unnecessary but like I said purging is such a difficult task.

Let’s not even talk about what’s under our bed.  I’m not even sure anymore. Shoe boxes and an electric guitar and dusty bunnies at the very very least… sometimes I find our cat down there too.  He seems to like it the way it is.

Alas… down to the nitty gritty.  Below are my hopes and dreams of what I plan on fulfilling purge-wise – closet edition.  Not sure how I will come out on the other side but I will be sure to write about here.  Check out my not so complicated but emotionally complicated goals below:

My biggest editing area needs are the following:

Jeans/Pants cubby – Goal: Get rid of pants I haven’t worn in over a year

Underwear/Sock Drawer – Goal: Get rid of underwear/socks I no longer wear

Shoes – Goal: – Get rid of shoes I haven’t worn in over two years unless it has some sort of sentimental value… don’t judge me. 🙂

Handbags – Goal: This is a HARD one – really be honest with myself about what is necessary and what is not.  I can keep some fun ones for old time sake or repurpose them.


Fingers crossed I complete this – more to come when I do!

P.S.  I really don’t like the Purge movies but the word just made sense for this activity. 😉

Wardrobe Architect Week 13

On week 13 of Wardrobe Architect, Colette offered a free downloadable worksheet from A Sewist’s Notebook by Beth Byrge to help plan your sewing projects.  I happen to be working on my self-drafted Bardot dress (blog post coming soon) and used this handy worksheet.  Check out the photo below.
What I like about this worksheet is I often forget the exact name of the fabric I am using as well as any special finishing techniques I decide to do mid project but this allowed me to write it down.  This worksheet is so helpful because it allows you to have a more organized project and to also plan projects out ahead of time.  It is also a great reference when you are shopping for fabrics and supplies.  But, honestly if you are anything like me and you look back on a garment you made a year or more ago and can’t remember how you did what you did then you might need something like this!

If this notebook doesn’t float your boat, then check out Colette’s Sewing Planner.  At the time of the original blog post, Colette had yet to release their sewing planner book.  They now offer a hardcover book with many resources.  I will admit I am a bit torn between Beth Byrge’s 110 Creations: A Sewist’s Notebook and Colette’s Sewing Planner.  I’m not investing in one just yet but I think either would be a great addition to my sewing resources. 🙂 I’m also a sucker for anything that makes me feel like I am more organized than I really am as well… so I think it’s in my near future. 😉

Do you have any special organization tips whether it be for sewing or just life in general?

Wardrobe Architect Week 12: Accessories

This week’s exercise is about adding accessories.  I’ve slowly began to add accessories to my everyday outfits but I still struggle with my work outfits.  I don’t like to spend too much time on my work outfits because I’m focusing on other things in my morning. I just like to get something ready the night before and not think about anything but that when I’m getting ready.  I mainly just adjust for the weather and that’s about it. In an effort to be better here is a list of my functional and decorative accessories:

Make a list of requirements for your accessories. List what you consider to be functional accessories and decorative accessories, and what your requirements are for each.

Functional Accessories:

Comfortable yet fashionable shoes – I walk a lot during the day and I don’t like to change into sneakers at work.  I usually wear boots or loafers.

Sneakers for the weeknights and weekend

Sandals for the warmer months

Large tote for work – for my notebooks, papers, lunch and water bottle, also to store stuff when I run errands on my lunch

Extra grocery totes – for when I go grocery shopping on my lunch break

Hair tie – always need a hair tie

Cap – when it gets seriously hot in LA and I’m running errands on my lunch

Wide-brim hat for walks outside of work

Mini cross body purse for my phone, wallet and keys when I’m walking or going for a run

Small Cross Body Purse for everyday

Scarf for my shoulders when it’s a mild day but I still don’t want to get burned

Chunky scarves for LA winters

Performance Headband to cover my ears on windy days


Decorative Accessories:

Simple minimalist jewelry – includes necklaces and bracelets

Diamond earrings – wedding gift from my husband

Hats – usually wide brim to match

Skinny belts

Skinny rings

Chunky watch

Decide how many of each to include for the coming season. How many of each do you need for your current capsule wardrobe?

I need/want pretty much all of them except for the chunky scarves and the performance headband.

Add accessories to your capsule wardrobe. Be sure to look towards what you already own before window shopping!


Wardrobe Architect Week 11

In Week 11 of Wardrobe Architect, I am planning my wardrobe pieces.  The image below is what I am basing my Spring/Summer 2017 wardrobe on.  I already have the white button down shirt, sweat pants, wide brim hat, torn jeans, plaid shirt, flip flops, trouser shorts, loafers, Adidas sneakers, oxfords and black tights.  I have a few pairs of black work pants as well but I’m a little over the silhouette and want to make some improvements.  I’m also really crushing on those frost gray Vans Sk8-Hi shoes.  I haven’t worn vans in ages… I guess I’m feeling a little nostalgic!

After a bit of brainstorming and searching the web here is a list of items that I want to either buy or make for Spring/Summer wardrobe:

Work Life:

  • Deer and Doe Safran Pants


  • Deer and Doe Melilot Shirt


  • Long Vest Coat
  • Boxy mini dress
  • Boxy blouse

Everyday Life:

  • Silky Gray or Taupe Camisole
  • Short Vest
  • Deer and Doe Plantain T-Shirt


  • T-Shirt Dress
  • Button Down Dress Shirt Dress

Vacation Life:

  • Off shoulder mini dress
  • Colette Weston Trouser


  • Deer and Doe Fumeterre Skirt


This is definitely a few more pieces than in my inspiration board above but I feel like these all have great potential to mix and match.  I have divided up my wardrobe into three categories because I feel that these are the settings these pieces will be worn most but I will of course mix in some work clothes with everyday clothes and vice versa to expand my outfit selection.  Looking at this list it does seem a bit ambitious but hey why not go all in!

Wardrobe Architect – Week 9 & 10

Week 9: The Capsule Wardrobe – Spring/Summer 2017

Colette Blog: What is a Capsule Wardrobe?  A capsule wardrobe is a small, manageable subset of your wardrobe, and it usually is something you can plan seasonally.

Today’s focus – Choosing silhouettes

Going clockwise: Outfits 1 & 2 are my Everyday Lounge Wear, Outfits 3 & 4 are Hot Summer Days and the last two are Work Wear


These are the silhouettes I aspire to wear this Spring and Summer.  I would love to be able to sew up most of them if I only had the time but I’m going to try my best either way.  Some of these pieces I already have and some I just received for my birthday (I may have hinted a bit…).  I will most likely add some more flowing pieces but for now this is a good base to work with.

Week 10: The Capsule Wardrobe Palette

This week’s exercise: Choose your capsule palette for the season. Use the list of favorite colors you came up with in week 6, picking a few colors from each category.

Spring Summer Colors


This Spring/Summer I want to go for lighter colors.  I will probably wear plenty of black as that is my usual work color but I am going to make an effort to make/buy this season’s clothing in the colors I picked above so that I don’t just stick with blues, grays, white and black which is what I am always drawn to.