12 weeks of BBG – Goal Completed!!

I made it through 12 weeks of BBG!  I started with 4 weeks of pre-training which brings me to a total of 16 weeks.  It has been a wonderful journey.  I made progress towards reaching my fitness goals and truly created a habit which was the largest goal of all.

I’m feeling a lot stronger and looking a little bit more toned but most importantly I’ve taking large strides in how I approach eating.  I aim to eat clean Monday through Friday and give myself a break on the weekend when I’m not on my routine.  It’s easier to not be so hard on myself by just giving myself that pass on Saturday and Sunday.  Of course I don’t over-indulge!

A part of my new fitness routine as I move out of these 12 weeks is to gain muscle which means I need to lift weights but I also have to eat more.  I’m currently using the MyFitnessPal app to count calories and make sure I’m eating enough calories to sustain my workout.  In doing so I have added a pre-workout/post work-out protein shake to get those extra calories and heal my muscles.

My workout for the next 7 weeks (I’ve already completed week 1) is Tammy Hembrow’s fitness program which focuses on the glutes.  I chose this one because I felt like this was the one area that was missing on BBG and I want an overall toned appearance so this will hit that goal.  I will be doing this 3 days a week and the other 2 days will be dedicated to BBG 2.0 arms and abs.

I’m super excited to see some progress!

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12 thoughts on “12 weeks of BBG – Goal Completed!!”

      1. That is my goal as well!!!!! I will defintely follow you closely to pick up some advice / tips. Do you have a post that explains what 12 weeks of BBG is exactly? I think i’d be interested since we have similar goals. 🙂

      2. Oh yay!! That’s awesome!! I will do the same! Its always great to find people with similar goals and share tips! 🙂 I don’t have an in depth post of what BBG is exactly. But after I finish Tammie Hembrow’s Booty Guide I’m going to do a combination of the two and I’ll be sure to post details on what they are. I’m going to take a two week break starting 5/21 though because I’m going on vacation but I’ll be back to the grind on 6/5! hehe

      3. I agree – it is great to find someone that has similar goals. Especially a goal like what we have. MOST are trying to get RID of weight! Not gain! And the few blogs that I find trying to gain weight are rarely doing it in a healthy way! I’m going to look up Tammie Hembrow’s guide!!!! And i hope you enjoy your vacation 🙂

      4. Thank you!! 😊 Most definitely! It’s hard for people to understand that fitness can be about being healthy and strong. It’s interesting when you are slender and you tell people you work out and eat a certain way because they don’t understand it and assume there is something wrong with you. But I’m glad we have good enough self-esteem to know better lol! Yes, check out Tammie. It’s for your booty and it’s burns let me tell you. BBG doesn’t focus on that and I refuse to have a flat butt!! 😂

      5. Exactly!! Self-esteem is KEY! People just don’t understand our struggle!!! I can’t count how many people look at me crazy when I tell them I workout. They always ask “Why are you working out? You’re already skinny!!” Smh lolol. But i’m used to it!

        okkkkkkkkkkkkk!! NO FLAT BOOTIES OVER HERE!

      6. YES!! Skinny girls got to support each other in gaining that muscle!! 🙂 hehe Gotta do what’s best for us and that includes shaping that BOOTY!! Hahaha 😉

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