Ariane Slip

Ariane Slip | Seamwork Magazine

Ariane Slip | Seamwork Magazine

I’m very happy to say that I finished my Ariane Slip and it is so delicate and sexy!  I didn’t necessarily envision it that way but it was a nice little surprise.  Originally, I wanted to sew this up as a camisole but decided to go for the slip instead because I thought I could wear it as a dress.  I do think it can be worn as a dress depending on the fabric you chose but I think I’ll leave my for the privacy of my own home.  😉


I typically cut out an XS for most patterns and I did the same for this one.  However, I’ve been working out quite a bit and I didn’t realize that maybe I should have cut out a size small instead.  Luckily, my slip still fits it’s just much tighter than I am used to.

Ariane Slip  Ariane Slip

What I loved about sewing this garment is that I got to sew cups up for the first time.  At first, I confused myself and didn’t understand how the pieces fit together.  THEN I realized I was missing a piece.  Silly me!  This was also my first time using foldover elastic and sewing with viscose fabric.  It was much less complicated than I thought and I’m really glad that I have some knowledge of how to work with them now.


A couple tips on the viscose would be to be very very careful when you are cutting it out because it is slippery fabric.  Also, use a 75/11 ballpoint needle.  I tried to use an 80/11 ballpoint and it wasn’t sharp enough. Regarding the foldover elastic, be very careful when you pin it to the fabric as the little fibers are easy to prick and pull away from the elastic.  My last tip would be to try on the slip and have someone help you measure the shoulder strap length before sewing the straps to the back as the instructions direct you to.

Ariane SlipAriane SlipAriane Slip

I’m really happy with the outcome of my slip.  I really love the lavender gray and I am so happy that the white straps with gray stitching make the slip pop.

If you’re interested in sewing up the Ariane Slip  head to the Seamwork web site.

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I will definitely check yours out! The joining of the cups was a bit troublesome. It was a little too thick for my machine to grab so I had to do some hand stitching. Luckily, it worked out in the end. 🙂

      1. You know – after the fact I thought that maybe I should have did some hand-sewing in that area!!! You’re right – it was too thick for my machine too!! I’m making another one this week hopefully (or at least the bodysuit version) and i’m going to remember your advice!

      2. Oh good! I’m happy that was helpful! It was still a little tough to hand sew but you’ll be happy with the results! I look forward to seeing how it turns out! 🙂

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