Eugene Henley by Seamwork Magazine

As my husband and I were getting ready for big trip to Europe I realized I was sewing up a bunch of pieces for myself and nothing for him.  He didn’t notice this at all so when I told him I wanted to sew up a shirt for him to wear on our trip he was pleasantly surprised.  I showed him a few shirts that I thought he would like and ultimately he went for Seamwork’s Eugene Henley.

Off to Fabric Planet we went as we always do together but this time he was the one picking out fabric and buttons and twill tape for his very own shirt.  It was really quite fun! 🙂

He picked out a navy blue and burgundy cotton jersey knit, with tortoise shell buttons and contrasting twill tape in a natural tone.  It all looked great together and we were both very pleased.

We only had about two and a half weeks before our trip and I had one last piece that I was finishing up for myself then I was going to dedicate myself to sewing up his Henley.  I took this one slow because I so desperately wanted it to turn out perfectly.  The problem that it posed ultimately was the fabric was a little slicker then I realized so sewing up the placket took several attempts and I was running out of time.  If it wasn’t the stripes being sewn on a little off it was the main fabric rippling at the bottom corners of the placket.  After a few attempts I got the stripes to line up and I removed most of the drape problem although I can still see it. 😉

I sewed on the buttonholes and buttons faster than I anticipated I could and hemmed the shirt bottom.  We were ready to go!  All he had to do was try it on.  I pointed out the errors I had made to him as I always do but he said it looked incredible and he didn’t even notice. He then tried on the shirt and what do ya know it looked pretty good!  He was happy.  I was happy.  All we had to do was pack…but that’s for another time.  Check out pictures of him in Barcelona in his new Henley shirt!

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