Lotus by Valentine & Stitch – Free Pattern!

***Valentine & Stitch patterns are sadly no longer available in the marketplace***

Who doesn’t love a free pattern??  I got to know the lovely Helen of Valentine & Stitch during the #sewapril17 challenge and I’m so happy that I did!  Not only is Helen super friendly and kind but she and her husband are talented pattern designers so of course I was delighted when she announced that they would be releasing their first free pattern!

Lotus was recently released at the beginning of May.  It is a versatile blouse in two versions.  Version A being an off-the-shoulder tunic with a dipped hem while Version B has a narrower neckline and falls at the hip.  It is an easy and satisfying sew that can be made an afternoon.

I sewed mine up  in a lightweight jersey knit that I purchased at my local fabric store Fabric Planet.  I picked a neutral gray because I want to be able to wear this with a variety of outfits.  It has the right amount of stretch and drape for this pattern on top of the fact that it is really nice to the touch.

I decided to sew up Version B in XXS size and it fit like a glove around my bodice but I found that at this size for my body type the length did not hit me at the hip. That was totally fine though because it works perfectly with mid to high-waisted jeans which are very stylish right now.  I went for this size because if I don’t go for the smallest size I end up with a garment that is too big.  However, there will be plenty more Lotus’ in my future and the fun part is that I can play with the length to my liking.  I think for my next one I will go for the XXS but cut the length at an XS or S instead.  Either way I can’t get over how cute Lotus is! 🙂

Don’t miss out of this fun and easy pattern!  Check out Lotus from Valentine & Stitch and give Helen some love on Instagram @valentine.and.stich

Happy Sewing!

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5 thoughts on “Lotus by Valentine & Stitch – Free Pattern!”

  1. This looks so beautiful on you, Kelly – I mean, I can’t think of much that wouldn’t, but I am so happy that you love Lotus and enjoyed sewing it. Like I said on IG, I am honoured by your response to this pattern and I love seeing your photos of making and wearing it. I checked about the length for XXS and it reduces more between XS and XXS than between some of the other sizes (the sizing is based on a standard women’s measurements chart) so I guess the assumption behind the maths is that XXS sized people are shorter! I like this on-trend more cropped look on you, but I agree you can easily just use the length of XS or S so that it can go with low-rise jeans too. The curve at the hem will still be the same. Thank you so much for this lovely post, which has made our day over here 🙂

    1. I’m glad you guys approve! 🙂 That makes sense regarding the size. I’ve always been petite in frame and just a bit shorter than average but taller than the standard XXS measurements. I like where it hits though. I’m going to make another that is a bit longer so I can wear it to work. Otherwise, it’s just a little of skin that peeks through but hey I spend a lot of time working out so why not? Haha 😉 I’m excited for more patterns from you guys! I’ll be sure to sew them up!

      1. Why not indeed! XS length would probably be fine on you then, but it’s always a matter of personal taste isn’t it? Or you could try version B neckline with the version A length in XXS and see how that works… whatever you decide, I can’t wait to see them!!

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