Maxi Dress Pattern

Dune Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern by Valentine & Stitch

Fashion Sewing | Dune Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern

***Valentine & Stitch patterns are sadly no longer available in the marketplace***

I have always steered clear of maxi dresses not because I don’t love them but because they are always too long.  Well that all changed when Helen and Rich made Dune into a maxi dress!  I think it was meant to be! 🙂

I’m short but still relatively average at 5’3”.  I love the number 3 so I’m ok with this. Lol 😉

I had planned to sew up this dress as soon as Helen posted a picture of her wearing it in a black and white floral pattern. At the time, I was planning a trip to the fabric district that very weekend so I asked Helen how much fabric I would need in preparation.  Helen is so kind and helpful that she messaged me back right away and I was able to get all my supplies even before the pattern release. 🙂 Thank you Helen!  Anyway, I mentioned to her my hesitation with long dresses (being that I’m short haha) and little did I know that Rich was already preparing a tutorial for lengthen or shortening Dune.  It couldn’t be any more perfect! 🙂 Thank you Rich!

Maxi Dress Pattern

Fashion Sewing | Maxi Dress Pattern Review

Dune is a summery top or maxi dress from the lovely Helen and Rich of Valentine and Stitch.  Dune is a printable PDF pattern with the option of sewing the top or the dress with a round neck or a scoop neck. This garment is meant to be flowy and flattering as it drapes away from your body but still hugs you in all the right places.  You can sew your top or dress in a stretch jersey or light cotton jersey.  This is a very versatile pattern that can be enjoyed while hanging out at the beach our dressed up for a party or even dressed professionally for a day in the office.

V and S


Stretch jersey such as viscose or rayon jersey, bamboo jersey, and silk jersey OR light cotton jersey with a good drape or for a more stable fabric use a heavier weight cotton jersey, crepe jersey or a scuba

(*If you are using a fabric with less stretch, you may wish to lengthen the neck and arm bands slightly.)

  • Ballpoint needle
  • Twin needle (optional)
  • Coverstitch machine (optional)
  • All-purpose polyester sewing thread

Purchased from:

LA fash District

I purchased my fabric from the Los Angeles Fabric District.  I purchased my thread from – Gutterman 030.

The Process:

Maxi Dress Pattern

I had laid out the steps for sewing up Dune prior to my start.

Day 1 was cut out the PDF pattern and fabric.

Day 2 was complete step 1 and step 2.

Day 3 was step 3 and step 4.

Day 4 was complete the dress.

It didn’t really turn out that way.  First it took me awhile to cut everything out because I went out of town a couple times so Day 1 took longer than expected.  However, day 2 through 4 took me 2 hours in total.  I started sewing Dune one day after work and an hour went by and I was already halfway done.  I had dinner then I thought to myself I really want to keep sewing.  So off I went and in another hour I was all done!  That easy and just such a beautiful pattern.  I don’t usually get excited enough to finish a pattern in one day but with Valentine and Stitch patterns I do!  Plus, I feel like I understand how their patterns work so I rarely have a hiccup.  Dune was smooth sailing for me which was an awesome feeling!

Maxi Dress Pattern

I sewed my dress in a size small.  I thought that it would be too long for me but when I measured everything out the size small was just the right length.  I probably could make it even longer to be honest for a dressier look with wedge heels.

Maxi Dress Pattern

I sewed up the shoulder seams with no problem.  I opted for the hidden neckband and armbands.  This is a very nice detail and it strengthens the neck and arm openings so I highly recommend sewing it this way.  There is an option for an exposed neckband which I might have to try next. In between sewing up the neckband and armbands you sew up the side seam.  You also must press your garment several times to make sure everything is set in place before you sew.

Maxi Dress Pattern

Finally, you sew up your hem.  This is a rather long hem so it takes a while to prep it for hemming.  I eyeball my hems so it doesn’t take me too long.  That works for me but I do not recommend you do that unless you have a bit more practice.

Viola! The Dune maxi is complete with a month of summer to spare but being that I live in Los Angeles this dress will serve me well through the fall! 🙂


No hiccups! Can you believe it?!


Since you are working with knit fabric be careful not to stretch or let your excess fabric fall while cutting or sewing.  This will distort your final garment and you will likely not be happy with the result.

Maxi Dress Pattern

When you are sewing the final step of your hidden neckband and armbands go slow and stay close to the edge of the fabric for a uniform look.

Maxi Dress Pattern

Happy Sewing!

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12 thoughts on “Dune Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern by Valentine & Stitch”

  1. Wow, Kelly, this is just gorgeous! What a beautiful version of Dune, and it’s so pretty in the solid colour. You make such great fabric choices. We’re so happy you like the pattern, and thank you for this lovely post. I’m really interested that it’s the perfect length on you – I’m 3 inches taller than you and I graded from an XS at the bust to a S the rest of the way down, and it looks the same length on me! I guess my fabric was heavier – if you think this is something that I should note in the instruction booklet, please let me know! In the meantime, thank you for sharing your gorgeous dress, you look beautiful 🙂

    1. I’m so happy you guys like it! I love your patterns so much! Out of all the patterns I have sewn your patterns are my favorite. I get the most wear out of them and the are so comfortable. Regarding the length, it must be that your fabric is heavier. Hmm… I used a lightweight jersey and I even thought about making it a bit longer. I’ll keep that in mind when I make my fall version since I think I will go for a heavier fabric. Where does yours hit exactly?

      1. Oh wow, what an amazing thing to say, thank you so much! Mine hits at the ankle, but doesn’t touch the top of my feet (I love the look of a slightly longer maxi but didn’t want to risk tripping up when running downstairs!!) Because there’s so much fabric at the hem, a heavier fabric will weigh it down a little but not crazily so. if you want more length you could try just grading to the medium length to save doing the measuring in the tutorial! You could also do a narrower hem on a size S, but I like the deep hem to weigh it down and stop it flipping out! Can’t wait to see your next one too 😄😘

      2. You’re welcome! 🙂 It’s all true! Mine hits around the same area and doesn’t touch the top of my feet either. Hmm… I wonder… Maybe mine stretched a bit when I was cutting it. Howard does move things around a bit while I’m cutting. Lol! Great idea on grading to the medium length – I would like to wear it with wedges and I think it would look great slightly longer. If I don’t like it I’ll just hem it! I need to make another trip downtown to get my fall fabric!

  2. Ooh, it would look great with wedges. It’s worth having one to wear with heels and one with flats. I remember my wedding dress designer wouldn’t go near the hem until the shoes were decided! I’m thinking plain navy blue for my next Dune maxi, I don’t sew with solids enough!!

    1. That’s what I’m thinking too plus you can never have enough of a dress that makes you feel great! Smart wedding dress designer! 🙂 I have to do the same when having my wedding dress tailored. I like the idea of a navy Dune. I was thinking of doing navy or a deep purple. I think it would be perfect for fall. 🙂

      1. I hope so! I would love to wear it with boots and a chunky scarf. We’ll see when the weather changes here. I’ll have to pretend it’s fall for the first couple months! 😉

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