Moneta Dress Pattern Review

I love my new Moneta dress!  I decided to make mine as a “winter” dress.  I used a medium sweater knit that is super soft to the touch.  I even had a little extra fabric leftover to make another Astoria sweater too.

This was a very simple dress to make and very versatile in regards to the different pattern styles and fabrics you can use.  I made mine over the course of a few days.  I like to split up cutting out the PDF pattern, cutting out the fabric, sewing the bodice then sewing up the skirt which probably amounted to about two and half hours.

My hiccups:

I’m a little cautious with knits.  I inadvertently stretch them out in parts which of course just ruins the overall appearance of the piece.

This slight stretching happened when I was sewing up the collar.  Since it is such a narrow fold it is hard to control how much the presser foot takes causing it to be slightly stretched.  Luckily it’s not too noticeable.

My other hiccup was connecting the elastic.  I wasn’t able to find clear elastic so I bought thin white elastic instead which worked out just as well.  I got a little confused on how to mark the elastic especially when the directions asked to leave a couple inches on each end.

I also wasn’t sure if I should baste it by hand or on the machine.  I tried by hand and that did not go so well so I moved on to my machine which worked very well.

Overall, I love how this dress turned out.  This is a great go-to pattern as advertised!  I think I will be sewing a few more in the future.

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