Winter in Cabo San Lucas Capsule Wardrobe


View from Sur Beach House – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Recently, my husband and I had the opportunity to join our friends for a winter getaway in Cabo San Lucas.  We love tropical getaways but this was the first time we traveled to a tropical destination during winter time.  That being said, I spent a bit of time looking at historical weather data and researching appropriate clothing for January in Cabo because I didn’t want to get there and be cold! 🙂

Luckily, our friends got there one day before us and let us know that although it is warm for the most part (mid 70s) we should still bring a sweater and a pair of pants because it gets chilly at night.  That’s not too different from LA although at the time LA was having a crazy rain storm by our standards.  Great timing to getaway although as a born and raised Seattleite I was kind of sad to leave it.  Can’t have everything! 😉

Anyway, we arrived in Cabo San Lucas and the weather was perfect!  Mid 70’s – not too hot in the sun but a perfect temperature under a beach umbrella.  Have a margarita or two at sunset and you’re warm enough to experience the night time chill.  There were no mosquitoes in site either!  Anyway, I brought a variety of things including a couple pairs of shorts, jeans and dresses.  Short sleeve shirts and tanks with some scarves to cover my arms if it got too chilly and of course a couple different hats to protect me from the sun.  While I didn’t photograph everything I wore I put together a Winter Cabo Capsule Wardrobe on Polyvore for those of you who may be wondering … will it be cold in Cabo this winter? (Or any winter for that matter 🙂 )  This is for you- a collection of items you can mix and match on your winter escape:








All pieces mix and match with each item with the exception of the night out jacket, necklace and heels.  For this particular set – use the denim long sleeve shirt with the pink short combo to cover up when it gets cold.  Just roll up the sleeves a bit and tie front ends of the shirt together for a casual beach vibe.

Happy Travels!