Wembley Cardigan by Seamwork Magazine

Yes, another Seamwork Magazine pattern.  I was just gifted a subscription from my sister for my birthday a couple months ago so I can’t help myself. 😉

Anyway, Wembley has caused me some troubles which is unfortunate because I thought it was going to be super easy. 🙁

It really isn’t Wembley’s fault though.  It was totally me.  First off I didn’t notice that the fabric that I bought was slightly stretched out in one area.  It wasn’t terrible but because the fabric has a stripe print it becomes very noticeable when you are trying to cut the fabric out while making sure the stripes match up.  I spent too much time trying to fix this but it was important because what is the point of sewing something up only to have mismatching stripes. If I left it as is I’d never end up wearing it and it would be a waste.

Unfortunately, that ate up a few mornings.  I moved on though and kept sewing. Everything seemed fine until I noticed the very next day after I sewn on the waistband that the notches weren’t sewn into the seam allowance so there were little holes on the back of my cardigan. 🙁 So out came the seam ripper and another morning.

Finally I got the waistband and the cuffs squared away but I still had the neckband. Everything seemed to going well.  I double checked my measurements BUT once I pinned the neckband to the neckline it was much too long…  So I sewed up and cut off what I needed to.  It still ended up slightly long but much better it be too long than short.  I ended up covering up the raw edges of the ends of the neckband where it met at the waistband by just folding them in and do a few hand stitches to hold it in place.

Wembley was a pain but I do love how it turned out and I want to sew up another but probably in a solid color next time.  I’m thinking black for special occasions. 🙂

Happy Sewing!

Lotus by Valentine & Stitch – Free Pattern!

***Valentine & Stitch patterns are sadly no longer available in the marketplace***

Who doesn’t love a free pattern??  I got to know the lovely Helen of Valentine & Stitch during the #sewapril17 challenge and I’m so happy that I did!  Not only is Helen super friendly and kind but she and her husband are talented pattern designers so of course I was delighted when she announced that they would be releasing their first free pattern!

Lotus was recently released at the beginning of May.  It is a versatile blouse in two versions.  Version A being an off-the-shoulder tunic with a dipped hem while Version B has a narrower neckline and falls at the hip.  It is an easy and satisfying sew that can be made an afternoon.

I sewed mine up  in a lightweight jersey knit that I purchased at my local fabric store Fabric Planet.  I picked a neutral gray because I want to be able to wear this with a variety of outfits.  It has the right amount of stretch and drape for this pattern on top of the fact that it is really nice to the touch.

I decided to sew up Version B in XXS size and it fit like a glove around my bodice but I found that at this size for my body type the length did not hit me at the hip. That was totally fine though because it works perfectly with mid to high-waisted jeans which are very stylish right now.  I went for this size because if I don’t go for the smallest size I end up with a garment that is too big.  However, there will be plenty more Lotus’ in my future and the fun part is that I can play with the length to my liking.  I think for my next one I will go for the XXS but cut the length at an XS or S instead.  Either way I can’t get over how cute Lotus is! 🙂

Don’t miss out of this fun and easy pattern!  Check out Lotus from Valentine & Stitch and give Helen some love on Instagram @valentine.and.stich

Happy Sewing!

Weston Shorts by Seamwork Magazine

Oh Weston, what fun you were… 🙂 This was my first time sewing up adult sized shorts!  I don’t typically buy shorts and I’m not really into the current short trends.  I do have one pair of linen shorts that I bought out of desperation while I was traveling in Italy.  The heat was getting unbearable and I was ready to buy anything.  Luckily, I found a nice pair of gray linen trouser shorts that I still wear to this day several years later.

Every summer I tell myself I should buy a new pair of shorts.  I casually look around but nothing catches my eye so while working on my Wardrobe Architect project I decided that I most certainly need a second pair of shorts and I will be the one to make them… so Weston was born.

I was apprehensive at first.  Pant zipper, waistband, two hems!?!  But, I was up for the challenge and you know what?  It was actually pretty easy!


Fabric: Denim Chambray from Hart’s Fabric, Black metal zipper from JoAnn Fabrics, 2 black buttons, interfacing, matching blue thread

Pattern: Weston Pattern from Seamwork Magazine

Hiccups: Sizing

Fun stuff: To button or not to button?

I looked at the measurement chart, measured myself and decided that since I have never sewn pants that maybe I wasn’t the smallest size and I decided to size up.  I even double checked my measurements but I was wrong.  Once I sewed up the side seams and tried it on it was much too big.  I measured how much I needed to remove then undid the side seams.  Based on my measurements, I needed to cut out the smallest size instead.  Luckily, I was early in the game and was able to trim the sides and sew it back up.  I left the crotch area the same and moved on to the waistband.

It took me a few times to read through the waistband instructions to make sure I had it right but eventually I got there interfacing and all.  I attached them to my shorts and my next step was to add the buttons BUT… I loved how the waistband looked on its own so I tried it on again and loved it even more.  The interfacing allows the flaps to stand up straight but have a slight curl at the top that just makes them look so modern and fashion forward.  Should I add buttons still??  That was the big question.  So off I went to Instagram to get confirmation from the sewing community and I’m glad I did because everyone was so helpful!  They confirmed for me that the no button high waisted flap was indeed a good choice!  (Thank you everyone!)

Now, the last step… hemming!  I was very detailed in this process and it turned out better than expected.  So viola, it is complete and I am thrilled with the outcome.  So happy I get to wear these this summer!

Wardrobe Architect – Week 9 & 10

Week 9: The Capsule Wardrobe – Spring/Summer 2017

Colette Blog: What is a Capsule Wardrobe?  A capsule wardrobe is a small, manageable subset of your wardrobe, and it usually is something you can plan seasonally.

Today’s focus – Choosing silhouettes

Going clockwise: Outfits 1 & 2 are my Everyday Lounge Wear, Outfits 3 & 4 are Hot Summer Days and the last two are Work Wear


These are the silhouettes I aspire to wear this Spring and Summer.  I would love to be able to sew up most of them if I only had the time but I’m going to try my best either way.  Some of these pieces I already have and some I just received for my birthday (I may have hinted a bit…).  I will most likely add some more flowing pieces but for now this is a good base to work with.

Week 10: The Capsule Wardrobe Palette

This week’s exercise: Choose your capsule palette for the season. Use the list of favorite colors you came up with in week 6, picking a few colors from each category.

Spring Summer Colors


This Spring/Summer I want to go for lighter colors.  I will probably wear plenty of black as that is my usual work color but I am going to make an effort to make/buy this season’s clothing in the colors I picked above so that I don’t just stick with blues, grays, white and black which is what I am always drawn to.


Color Story – Wardrobe Architect Week 5 & 6


For Week 5, the assignment was to build you color story based on the words you came up with in Week 2, your mood board, current pieces and your fabric stash.  The words above are what I associate with the colors below and inspire my color choices when sewing.

The assignment for Week 6, was to organize your choices as I have done below.  These will be the colors that guide me as I create my new wardrobe. 🙂


Pastels to Rich Tonespastels-to-rich-tones


Assessment:  I knew my color story was going to lean towards neutrals.  After all, my current wardrobe already does and I love it.  Every so often I love to add a feminine tone or something really vibrant.  I am attracted to those colors but I rarely purchase them or sew clothing in those colors because I feel like I will either get bored of them or not be able to wear them as much as I would something in a neutral tone.

I’m excited to see what comes next!  What does your color story lean to? 

Winter in Cabo San Lucas Capsule Wardrobe


View from Sur Beach House – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Recently, my husband and I had the opportunity to join our friends for a winter getaway in Cabo San Lucas.  We love tropical getaways but this was the first time we traveled to a tropical destination during winter time.  That being said, I spent a bit of time looking at historical weather data and researching appropriate clothing for January in Cabo because I didn’t want to get there and be cold! 🙂

Luckily, our friends got there one day before us and let us know that although it is warm for the most part (mid 70s) we should still bring a sweater and a pair of pants because it gets chilly at night.  That’s not too different from LA although at the time LA was having a crazy rain storm by our standards.  Great timing to getaway although as a born and raised Seattleite I was kind of sad to leave it.  Can’t have everything! 😉

Anyway, we arrived in Cabo San Lucas and the weather was perfect!  Mid 70’s – not too hot in the sun but a perfect temperature under a beach umbrella.  Have a margarita or two at sunset and you’re warm enough to experience the night time chill.  There were no mosquitoes in site either!  Anyway, I brought a variety of things including a couple pairs of shorts, jeans and dresses.  Short sleeve shirts and tanks with some scarves to cover my arms if it got too chilly and of course a couple different hats to protect me from the sun.  While I didn’t photograph everything I wore I put together a Winter Cabo Capsule Wardrobe on Polyvore for those of you who may be wondering … will it be cold in Cabo this winter? (Or any winter for that matter 🙂 )  This is for you- a collection of items you can mix and match on your winter escape:








All pieces mix and match with each item with the exception of the night out jacket, necklace and heels.  For this particular set – use the denim long sleeve shirt with the pink short combo to cover up when it gets cold.  Just roll up the sleeves a bit and tie front ends of the shirt together for a casual beach vibe.

Happy Travels!