Wardrobe Architect – Week 3 & 4

Wardrobe Architect – Week 3

Week 3 is all about determining what shapes make you feel comfortable and happy, and which feel foreign and wrong for you.  I tried not to over think this one as the directions suggest but I can’t say that I think this is entirely accurate as my feelings change about certain shapes depending on the season, where I am going and my mood.  I tried to be all encompassing when rating though so I think this paints a broad picture at the very least.


Wardrobe Architect – Week 4

Week 4 builds on week 3 in that you use your shapes and ratings and create silhouettes or outfit formulas.  Colette Blog suggests using Polyvore for this exercise.  Here is a peak at a few:


Tailored/fitted slacks (natural waistline) + semi-fitted turtleneck pullover + sneakers

I love tailored slacks with a pair of clean sneakers.  I just wish I could wear them to work.  I would have to change them out with a pair of ballet flats or loafers. Honestly though, I would rather have my whole foot covered because I get really cold in the morning so I would need a really nice pair of Chelsea boots or something that doesn’t throw off the look of the pants.  It’s a bit of a tough one.


Knitted t-shirt dress (somewhat fitted, mid-thigh length) + scarf + loafers + floppy hat

This is a very versatile outfit for me.  I can wear it to work with a pair of tights and cute boots or running around town or while teaching sewing lessons.  I would probably add a long sleeveless sweater or jean jacket.


Jeans (somewhat fitted, natural waistline) + fitted jersey knit top + sneakers

This is my go-to look when I’m just hanging out.  I like a pair of semi-baggy jeans either rolled up or cut off with my Adidas and a cozy shirt.  I would add a floppy hat and my cross-body bag to accessorize.


Short sleeve knit blouse (somewhat loose) + Skinny cords (very fitted, high waistline) + long coat (somewhat loose) + thick heel boots

I like this outfit for work or hanging out.  It keeps my ankles and feet warm.  The top is simple but fashionable and the coat will keep me warm but is easy to remove and the outfit will still look cute and comfortable.


Silky dress shirt dress (somewhat fitted, mid-thigh length) + tights/leggings + ankle boots

This is another great pick for work.  I like the professionalism of the dress shirt style but love the ease of it being a dress.  It will also keep me warm with thick tights and cute boots.  I can throw a nice coat over this and be on my way.